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Mold Repair (and Care) Print
MetaMold™ molds from Gruber Systems are manufacturing to exacting standards, and are built tough - to endure years of surface and reliability. However, damage may occur from time to time to a mold - usually due to improper handling, use of metal handtools, or damage from the casting or curing cycles.
Gruber has a variety of products and support options relating to repairing or caring for your Gruber mold:

Mold Repair Video

This video identifies most causes of damage to a fiberglass mold, then shows you how to fix it - with detailed, step-by-step instructions. 23 minutes long, this video is the tutorial on how to fix fiberglass molds.

(click on icon to play) Gruber Mold Repair Video :: Understand when to repair or replace a damaged mold.

Also available on YouTube!

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Mold Repair Gelcoat

Gruber offers Gelcoat mold repair products for most fiberglass mold types - including red molds, Gruber Vinyl Ester molds, or Gruber's premier MetaMold™ molds. Click here to visit the Gelcoat Repair product page for more information.


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Mold Preparation Products

Gruber MetaMold molds are factory pre-conditioned so you don't have to, but all molds require initial treatment with Mold Release products to ensure they release the castings easily and properly. In addition to mold release, Gruber offers an extensive variety of mold cleaning, mold stripping, mold release, and mold sealer products to ensure your Gruber mold performs as expected for years to come.



New mold break-in instructions

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