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Gruber Systems is your expert at custom manufacturing of automated casting, metering, mixing, blending and conveying solutions for a broad range of composites related manufacturing applications. See our complete selection of Composites Manufacturing Equipment here.

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Continuous Casting Automated Metering Bulk Filler Handling Blending & Mixing Tunnels, Booths and Rooms Conveyors Casting Carts & Tables Cranes & Gantries
Gruber Systems has 50 years experience producing superior quality, highly durable molds for cultured marble and solid surface manufacturing. We can design a custom mold to your specifications, or browse our extensive selection of industry-standard molds.


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Standard Molds
For cultured marble and solid surface.

Closed Molds
For polyester resin-based casting.

FRP/Specialty Molds
For FRP applications including Vacuum Forming and Light RTM.

 Molds for ADA or Accessibility applications

Supplies-cat150tGruber Systems offers molding and casting related supplies used by Cast Polymer Manufacturers worldwide, including:

For a complete range of supplies and accessories, visit Marshall-Gruber Company's website


    Autocaster™ Ultra

    Continuous Casting Systems
    Continuous matrix production offers significant increase in capacity, improved quality, and savings in labor and raw materials. For Solid Surface, Cultured Marble and Polymer Concrete Manufacturing.



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    Welcome to Gruber Systems!

    For over 50 years, Gruber Systems has focused on the manufacturing needs of the cast polymer and other composites manufacturers that utilize materials such as polymer concrete, cultured marble, cultured onyx, cultured granite, solid surface and engineered stone.

    Gruber Systems offers cast polymer manufacturers with highly durable Metamold™ fiberglass molds, as well as process automation equipment for production of cast polymer products.

    Gruber is well known for providing industrial strength cast polymer manufacturing equipment and products that automate and increase manufacturing efficiency for many kinds of cast polymer manufacturing requirements. Our automation and plant manufacturing equipment includes our well known AutoCaster™ continuous casting systems, automated metering and dispensing systems, blenders and vacuum mixers, bulk filler handling systems and other process automation and production line equipment.

    We have decades of experience consulting with our manufacturing customers to provide manufacturing plant design, installation and training to provide customers with a manufacturing plant for the production of cultured marble and solid surface cast product.

    We invite you to review our capabilities, and contact us for any composites or cast polymer-related manufacturing need you may have!


    autocaster-rc140lkOwn an Autocaster RC casting machine?

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    Now, use a single Ground Hopper to supply lightweight powders (including ATH) to two different Autocaster or Batchmaster machines. Or, equip your powder Ground Hopper with this Pneumatic Pump and move your Ground Hopper further away to gain more room around your Autocaster or Batchmaster.

    Learn more about our new Pneumatic Powder Pump



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